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Burrill Pines Beach Front View

Burrill Pines Sand Dunes

Camping at Burrill Pines - serenity

Local wildlife the wallaby at Burrill Pines


It's easy to find something to do when you stay and Burrill Pines. When the weather is fine (and that's quite often), the beach is the best. For experienced and inexperienced beach goers, our local beach is just great. Good for surfing, body surfing, snorkeling, wading, or just building sand castles.

Check out our alternate ideas to the beach:

  • Bush walking in our National Parks
  • Famous Pigeon House Mountain hike
  • Burrill Lake fishing and boating
  • Mogo Zoo
  • Learn to surf (see brochures at the office)
  • Burrill Lake Cruises (see brochures at the office)
  • Ulladulla Cinemas
  • Ulladulla cafes and restaurants
  • Ulladulla Funland Timezone
  • And much more...

That's just a few options to choose from. Ask us at the office for more local attractions.

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